Meal - Trigorskaya Estate - Book a room in a cozy hotel in Pushkinskiye Gory


Our cafe offers fresh homemade food prepared especially for you from local organic products: pies and pancakes, cheesecakes and cottage-cheese pancakes, borscht and fish soup, game and lake fish, greens from our own garden, berries from the forest, herbal tea with fragrant honey from local bees.

From May to October, the atmosphere of comfort and harmony is created by picturesque paintings and live music (piano) in our cafe.

"Homemade" breakfast (oatmeal with milk, 2 fried eggs, cheesecakes, pancakes, cheese, butter, sour cream, coffee, tea) 500₽

After 21.00, for each extra hour in the cafe we will charge 1000₽


Cold snacks

Assorted homemade pickles (sauerkraut, pickled mushrooms, salted cucumbers, pickled cucumbers, pickled tomatoes) 300 rubles

Rustic snack (salted bacon, salted cucumbers, onion) 300 rubles

Homemade liver pate on toast (assorted: chicken, rabbit, veal) 250 rubles

Vorschmak on toast 250 g

Backed beetroot with cheese and herbs 250 g

Hot snacks

Mushroom Julien 300 rubles

Potato flapjacks "Bogatyrskiye" with sour cream 300 rubles

Fried cheese "Pushkinogorsky" 300 rubles

Mixed Salads

Fresh vegetables with herbs 250 rubles

Carrot, with smoked cheese and garlic 250 rubles

"Delicious" salad (boiled potatoes, pickled cucumber, onion) seasoned with fragrant sunflower oil 250 rubles

Salad of the day

Olivier 300 rubles

Mimosa 300 rubles

Beetroot salad with herring 300 rubles

Dressed herring 300 rubles

Soup of the day

Rustic fish soup "Filling" 400 rubles

Bone borscht with beans 400 rubles

Pea soup with smoked meats 400 rubles

Chicken soup with vermicelli 400 rubles

Hot dishes

Homemade patties 2 pcs. (chicken, pork, beef, fish) 450 rubles

Pelmeni/Dumplings (14 pieces) (chicken, turkey, pork-beef, fish) 400 rubles

Rabbit stewed in sour cream (whole) 300 rubles/100 g

Rabbit legs stewed in sour cream 350 rubles/100 g

Duck / Goose baked with apples (whole or half) 300 rubles/100 g

Steak (pork loin) 300 rubles/100 g

Chicken baked with spices 200 rubles/100 g

Pork neck baked in tandoor (pork neck) 300 rubles/100 g

Chicken baked in a tandoor 250 rubles/100 g

Side dishes

Rustic potatoes (baked in quarters) 200 rubles

Pasta with butter 200 rubles

Grilled vegetables (zucchini, tomato, bell pepper, onion, eggplant) 350 rubles

Hominy (corn porridge) 250 rubles


"Estate" waffles, served hot with topping or jam 250 rubles

Sour cream pie "Estate special from the Chef" with berries or fruits 250 rubles

Baked fruit under crumble 200 rubles

Homemade berry ice cream 200 rubles

Soft drinks

Coffee (geyser coffee pot) 200 rubles

Estate tea with herbs 300 rubles teapot

"Pushkin spring" tea primrose 500 rubles teapot

"Herbs of Pushkinogorye" tea 400 rubles teapot

Leaf tea (black/green) 200 rubles teapot

Berry juice 120 rubles glass

Kombucha 120 rubles glass

Alcoholic beverages

Assorted berry infusion 50 g 300 rubles (0.5 l bottle 3000 rubles)

Estate berry wine (assorted) 180 g 600 rubles (0.7 l bottle 2500 rubles)

Homemade berry home-brew 50 g 250 rubles (0.5 bottle 2700 rubles)

Wine (0.7 l bottle 1500 rubles)