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How to get here

Moscow - Shakhovskaya - Velikiye Luki - Pustoshka - Opochka - Novgorodka - Pushkinskie Gory (8-9 hours)

Moscow - Shakhovskaya - Kunya - Velikiye Luki - Loknya - Novorzhev - Pushkinskie Gory (8-9 hours)

Saint Petersburg - Luga - Pskov - Ostrov - Novgorodka - Pushkinskie Gory (6-7 hours)

Pskov - Ostrov - Novgorodka - Pushkinskie Gory (2 hours)

Pskov - Pushkinskie Gory

6 times a day (travel time 2 hours 15 minutes)



Saint Petersburg - Pushkinskie Gory

2 times a day (travel time 7 hours 20 minutes)


Saint Petersburg - Pushkinskie Gory (stop over in Pskov)


Moscow - Pushkinskie Gory (stop over Velikiye Luki)

Moscow - Velikiye Luki

Velikiye Luki - Pushkinskie Gory

To Pskov, then by bus Pskov - Pushkinskie Gory


Moscow - Pskov You leave in the evening, and in the morning, you are in Pskov. Before the bus you will have time to walk around Pskov. The city center is just a 30-minute walk from the railway station. You will walk through historical places, and then you will go to Pushkinskie Gory.


Saint Petersburg - Pskov the bus, you will have time to walk around the old Pskov and see the sights. And after lunch you will arrive in Pushkinskie Gory.


You can reach the estate from the bus station in the village of Pushkinskie Gory on foot or by taxi.

Taxis are always available at the bus station. If in doubt, we have a proven driver Fedorov Alexey Fedorovich, t: +7921218077, +79210002555.

You can agree to travel by taxi to any place in Pushkinskie Gory or to another city.